Success Stories

Success Stories

The Challenge
  • Rate of insured in Texas from 2006 to 2008 (24.9 percent)
  • Houston's population is 5.7 million with 2.1 million people uninsured
  • Hospital needed a way to decrease frequency and cost of uninsured hospital ER visits, observation stays, and inpatient admissions
The Solution
  • Used Midas+ to identify and manage uninsured patients and provide contact information, re-entry triggers, and documentation in a timely and cost-effective manner
  • Created “watch list” in Midas+ to automatically alert staff of patients who have historically used the Emergency Department to receive primary care services
  • Intervened to provide appropriate care based on condition of uninsured
The Results
  • Reduced hospital stays and costs while referring patients to appropriate primary care providers /community resources
  • Reduced uninsured ER visits by 43%
  • Reduced uninsured inpatient admissions by 55.7%
  • Improved care coordination, communication, and patient throughput by alerting frontline staff (e.g., Patient Business Services, Emergency Department Physicians, and Case Management)

The Challenge
  • Hospital needed an efficient way to present data to physicians with a holistic view of performance related to finance, patient satisfaction, and clinical indicators
  • Hospital did not have the ability to report data effectively at the provider level
The Solution
  • Hospital uses Midas+ StatitPPR in conjunction with DataVision in order to track data at a provider level
  • Hospital reviewed current processes and implemented changes that will allow for more accurate documentation and coding
The Results
  • Identified opportunities for improvement in documentation and coding
  • Increased ability to consistently inform physicians of their outcomes with regard to readmissions, complications, and infection rates based on nationally standardized levels
  • Improved processes with regard to OPPE guidelines

The Challenge
  • Hospital was going through the initial Magnet certification process and needed a way to track the 360-degree peer evaluations for Nursing
The Solution
  • Used the Process Focus features within the Midas+ System to track evaluation information
  • Used Midas+ for all clinical and tracking data
  • Used Midas+ Statit piMD for unit benchmarking statistics in accordance with National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI) guidelines
The Results
  • Integrated and streamlined processes by using Midas+ tools
  • Received Magnet certification in 2005 and was re-certified in 2010 upon the first visit
  • Used existing Midas+ performance management capabilities in order to avoid additional IT, software, implementation, and training costs

The Challenge
  • In order to effectively meet The Joint Commission mandates, the hospital needed an automated system to profile and review physician activity
  • The existing manual process was labor intensive, contained little historical information for trending purposes, generated lots of paper, and was produced only twice a year
The Solution
  • Midas+ Statit PPR was implemented to rapidly automate the physician profile requirements
  • Profiles with specialty-specific measures were developed for each major department across the Alegent system
  • Each physician was assigned a user account and a department profile
  • Automated interfaces were developed to refresh profile data frequently
The Results
  • Achieved goal of meeting The Joint Commission mandates
  • Physicians now have the ability to view their activity profiles online, at their convenience
  • Medical Director and physicians have the ability to see how performance has changed over time, which supports performance improvement
  • Streamlined process has greatly reduced labor and paper cost

The Challenge
  • Utilize currently captured data to improve care
  • Improve data transparency
  • Move to real-time clinical surveillance of patient population
  • Improve quality metrics
The Solution
  • Implement Midas+ Live
  • Create appropriate roles and views to manage population
  • Executive team, members of the quality department, and other specified leaders use Midas+ Live application daily
    • Respond to real-time patient alerts
    • Recognize early warnings for patients and initiate appropriate care
The Results
  • 41 percent reduction mean year-to-date Avoidable Bed Days (ABDs)
  • 11 month trending reduction of -1.24 ABDs per month since implementation
  • 8.5 real patient days saved year over year in April ‘11 alone
  • Improved ability for leadership to process data and affect care

The Challenge
  • Hospital needed a way to obtain reliable benchmark data which could be used to drive performance improvement across the organization
  • Hospital wanted to communicate key performance trends in their corporate scorecard
  • Stakeholders wanted to use existing IT platforms without "reinventing the wheel"
The Solution
  • Hospital uses Midas+ Comparative Performance Measurement System (CPMS) and DataVision to benchmark performance against nationally recognized thresholds
  • Hospital uses CPMS for data collection and reporting for CMS and TJC National Hospital Quality Measures
The Results
  • Can now effectively manage 100+ performance indicators in their scorecards to drive quality improvement
  • Reports HBIPS, Children’s Asthma Care, and Core Measures in physician profiles to support OPPE
  • Reduced gap between actual and expected LOS by as much as 50% in certain populations
  • Easily and efficiently identify population-based outliers and readmissions

The Challenge
  • Hospital needed a way to expand applications into departments with disparate systems
  • Its Care Management Department needed to extend the hospital’s database across a complex delivery network
The Solution
  • Hospital began with detailed on-site process review and planning, followed by user training and hospital-wide go-live four months later
  • Within the year, hospital was using Midas+ Care Management feature functionality including: Medical Records QA, Risk/Occurrences, Credentialing, Utilization Management, Risk/Claims Management, and Quality Management
The Results
  • Achieved a 400% increase in automation
  • 66% reduction in daily case management reviews per case manager
  • 43.5% decline in avoidable days –saving nearly $2 million over two years
  • Reduction in pre-certification delays from two hours to 45 minutes

The Challenge
  • Patient falls had increased and there was a need for system-wide visibility and transparency
  • There was also a need for more streamlined processes to ensure timely reporting of incidents
The Solution
  • Hospital implemented Midas+ Remote Data Entry for Risk events
  • Quality Review Board (including VP of Nursing, CMO, Patient Safety Officer, etc.) was formed to review 100% of the reported events
The Results
  • Achieved desired visibility by tripling the number of incidents documented and improving patient safety
  • Processes have been integrated and streamlined to allow for ease of data entry, reporting, and follow-up
  • Compliance has increased due to streamlined processes

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