Midas+ Care Management includes integrated discipline-specific Case Management, Quality Management, Risk Management, and Infection Control subsystems. Hospital and Community Case Management supports the patient throughput process with authorization, certification, concurrent review, clinical documentation improvement, and discharge planning. All while automating the referral process and reducing denied and avoidable days, lengths of stay (LOS) and readmissions. Quality Management provides convenient ways of tracking incidents specific to the quality and appropriateness of physician care including tracking of peer review activities and outcome significance. Additional functions supported by this subsystem include blood and drug usage evaluation, medical records quality assurance, and various other quality improvement activities. Risk Management supplies the tools needed to electronically submit adverse events, automate the referral process, and analyze your data to identify emerging patterns and issues of concern for both Risk incidents and Patient compliments and complaints. The Infection Control subsystem provides Infection Preventionists with easy-to-manage surveillance, data analysis and reporting features.

"Implementing RDE (Remote Data Entry) for Risk & Patient Relations was one of the easiest things we've ever done with MIDAS. Not only did staff transition well to the new system, but we were able to reduce our training time from 2.5 hours to about 15 minutes. Reporting increased and allowed us to produce useful reports and increase management accountability. No passwords meant less calls to the Help Desk and less maintenance overall. Definitely a very positive experience for the entire organization!"

Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center
Plymouth, IN

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